Headshot of Steve Goss

Steve Goss

Director of Design & Technology at Supermassive Games

Steve Goss is currently the Director of Design & Technology at Supermassive Games. Steve has held this position since November 2008. Prior to that, they were the Design Manager at EIDOS from August 2007 to November 2008. From November 2002 to December 2004, Steve Goss was a Senior Game Designer at Electronic Arts. Steve was also a Lead Game Designer at Crystal Dynamics from January 2002 to October 2002. Steve Goss began their career in the gaming industry as a Senior Designer & Producer at Microprose from September 1993 to October 1997. Steve then became a Lead Game Designer at Lionhead Studios (MGS) from January 2005 to August 2007. Steve Goss was also a Producer at Kodiak Interactive from June 2001 to January 2002 and a Project Leader (Producer/Designer) at Hothouse Creations from November 1997 to January 2001. From March 1991 to September 1993, Steve Goss was a Freelance Game Designer for clients including Commodore and Atari.

Headshot of Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith

Lead Artist at Engage XR

Game Art Lead, Games Industry Veteran.

Headshot of Alex Beddows

Alex Beddows

Senior Environment Artist at Respawn Entertainment

Alex is an Environment artist with nearly 10 years of experience in varying sectors of the game industry, from mobile to AAA. Alex originally got his foot in the door working on serious games dedicated to creating educational content using game technology, now he resides as a Senior Environment Artist at Respawn Entertainment. Previously he also led teams as both Lead and Principle Environment Artist at outsource studios working on titles such as Returnal and Scavengers before moving in house at Counterplay games to release Godfall on the PS5, and most recently working with Microsoft Games studio - The Initiative. As well as being an artist Alex also hosts a podcast dedicated to the games industry - ‘Game Dev Discussion’ where he speaks with people from all aspects of the games industry but a strong focus on environment art. He also worked at ArtStation as a consultant, running and refining the Learning platform to make sure the content is both high quality and accessible to a wide variety of artists.

Headshot of Alex Bridge

Alex Bridge

Senior Cinematic Artist

Alex has been at Creative Assembly for over six years, originally starting as a Trainee Cinematic Artist, creating content for Total War Rome 2 DLC subsequently working on each Total War title. He is now a Senior Cinematic Artist, currently working on Total War Warhammer 3 and Hyenas.

Headshot of Jason Ord

Jason Ord

3D Artist @ Facepunch Studios

Jason is a 3D Artist at Facepunch Studios working on S&box, the spiritual successor to Garry’s Mod. Prior to this, he was an Environment Artist at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios working on Dead Island 2 for nearly 4 years. He also contributed to the ArtStation Learning platform with a 7-part Intermediate course in texturing using 3D Substance Painter, titled “Substance Painter: Pushing your texturing further”. Over his years in the industry, Jason has made an effort to provide an insight into what is expected from students, judging multiple university events such as the Search For A Star 2022 Finals in Sheffield and The Journeyman Project at Teesside University.

Headshot of Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones

Senior Game Designer Creative Assembly

Senior Game Designer at Creative Assembly who has worked on Total War: Warhammer III and Total War: Elysium, among others. Graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Game Development: Design.

Headshot of Jonjo Hemmens

Jonjo Hemmens

Environment Artist at Rocksteady

Jonjo Hemmens has worked as an Environment Artist at multiple studios including NVidia, Creative Assembly, and now Rocksteady studios.

Headshot of Kieran Goodson

Kieran Goodson

Senior Environment Artist at The Chinese Room

Senior Environment Artist at The Chinese Room with 4 years experience in AAA games. Holds a deep passion for logical and story-driven world-building and enjoys the challenge of threading visual language into environments. Well versed in the photogrammetry pipeline from scanning to final engine integration.

Headshot of Bart Kosciolek

Bart Kosciolek

Game Play Animator at 10:10 Games

I’ve graduated Falmouth University from the Game Development - Animation course and landed my first job at 1010 Games where I’m currently working as a gameplay animator on Funko Fusion!

Headshot of Christopher Robertson

Christopher Robertson

Programmer at d3t

Falmouth Computing for Games Alumni (2022), working for d3t as an Associate Programmer in the North-West of England. Current credited title includes Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt. Primarily specialised with Unreal Engine and C++ in the industry.

Headshot of Elmo La Mantia

Elmo La Mantia

Game Artist at Free Radical Design

After being bitten by the game dev bug at 20, I decided this was the career for me! The only other option was historian, which although fun, seems rather limited in scope. This journey of discovery led me to Falmouth University. I was informed the game course here was without peer in the UK. I was not disappointed. My time at Falmouth equipped me with the skills necessary not only to land a job, but also the flourish within the workplace. I look forward to my future within this exciting, ever-expanding industry. One day I may even leave my mark.

Headshot of Jacob Gibbins

Jacob Gibbins


Hi I’m Jacob, a Junior Game Designer at 10:10 games working on Funko Fusion. I graduated last year at Falmouth and was one of the designers on Dr. Bounce, our third year team project. I’m excited to see the exciting student game projects at EXPO and give advice if desired.

Headshot of Louis Squara

Louis Squara

Character Artist at Expression Games

I am a professional character artist currently working at Expression Games. I have roughly three years experience, two of which were in outsource. My character art style is on the realistic side with a interest in high renaissance, classical antiquity as well as sci-fi hard surface.

Headshot of Lucy Bowling

Lucy Bowling

Designer at Expression Games

My name is Lucy Bowling and I’m a Junior Level/Game Designer at Expression Games. I graduated from Falmouth University in July 2022 and have been in the game industry working on Hell Let Loose since February 2023. Expression Games have given me the opportunity to take on a hybrid role, allowing me to determine what Design career path I want to take in the future.

Headshot of Matt Brett

Matt Brett

Character Artist at 10:10 Games

I’m a Character Artist at 10:10 Games working on Funko Fusion. I graduated from Falmouth University in 2021 after studying Game Dev: Art. Previously working with the magnificent team, Ludophoria, to make some awesome games!

Headshot of Nathan Bedford

Nathan Bedford

Concept Artist at Milkytea Studio

I am a Concept Artist living in Liverpool, for a game studio called Milkytea Studios. I was a student and then an Associate Lecturer on the Game Art BA degree until late last year. Prior to working full-time in the games industry, I was freelancing for games also as a concept artist.

Headshot of Thomas Neill

Thomas Neill

Associate Mocap Tech at Creative Assembly

I joined CA as a trainee mocap tech in 2022, and have since been promoted to associate. I’ve worked on roughly 10 projects so far, as well as external workshops and courses held at the studio. I’m a former student at the Games Academy where I studied Animation.