Q. How can I book tickets?

Q. How much do the tickets cost for the event?
All tickets are Free!

Q. Where is the Expo taking place?
The Expo is taking place in the AMATA Studios.

Q. Where do I find the guest talks?
Guest talks are all taking place in Studio G in the AMATA building. This year we will be live streaming the talk via our Twitch Channel

Q. Will the Expo be streamed on Twitch again?
Unlike last year we will be running live streams on out Twitch, Aswell as the industry day we will have our traditional team interviews happening on the Wednesday. Forms to sign up to the interviews will go out soon! Twitch.

Q. How can I play the games?
During our Expo a whole host of games made by our students will be available to play in the Expo Studios.

Q. What time does X talk start?
The schedule for all the talks can be found here.

Q. How do I vote for a game?
Voting booths will be setup in each Studio. If you are a Games student you can scan your card to vote otherwise you can login as a guest using your full name.

Q. When does the expo start/finish?
The Expo doors will open at 10am and close at 4pm from the 24th, 25th and 27th of May. The Inudstry day (26th) which is only open to students, alumni and family will be open from 10am to 6pm. The private view will start at 5pm on the 23rd of May and end at 10pm.

Q. What is the Expo Gallery?
The Expo Gallery is a downloadable digital gallery showing off some of our students amazing work. You can download and play the Gallery from here.

Q. I am showing my game at the Expo can I come in sooner to setup?\

Q. How do I collect my hoodie pre order?
If you have made any pre orders, your hoodie can be collected from the stores/merch booth.

Q. I’m a Games student, can my friends/family attend the expo?
Yes please invite your friends and family to the Expo. This is a chance to show off all your hard work.

Q. Who do I contact for support?
Techs will be available through out the day for in person emergencies and support. They should all be wearing a green lanyard to identify them as first aid and fire warded trained. You can also come to the stores/merch booth if you can’t find a tech and someone will get you one.

Q. What equipment will I need for the expo?
If you have booked space at the Expo then all the equipment you need to run the booth will be brought to your booth.